Sky Swimmers Heaven was updated 3years ago


Sky Swimmers Heaven ver0.13

Sorry, this is not new. As you can see in the time stamp of exe file, this file is 3 years-old. Recently, I have salvaged the latest version of Sky Swimmers Heaven project from the HDD of my gone PC. So, I will publish it. Enjoy.


Unknown said...

Hello, I have been playing this version and no matter if it's three years old, I loved it! It's awesome. But, did you abandon this project? I hope not because it was looking great. I really like the lock-on lasers systems and missile barrages. And the music was excellent too.

keim said...

Thank you very much. But sorry, I closed this project. I plan to create complete new version of Sky Swimmers Heaven in the future.

Unknown said...

That's really good to hear, keim! (the remake in the future) However, it would be awesome if you could keep the musical style (which feels like a mix of prog rock from the '80s with a lot of awesome keyboard soloing and some nice crunchy guitars for the boss theme), which gave it a unique personality (it really gave the idea of surfing across the sky/heaven!) when most STGs are featuring the same, boring, pum-pum punchi-punchi techno soundtracks.

Good luck with this project and, by the way, nomltest rocks! I really liked the furious non-stop enemy waves.

keim said...

Sorry for long delay. Yes, I love 80s progressive rock too. I always think it is the best sounds for STG.

Anonymous said...

Man, I loved this game, too! It reminds me of all the old, fun shoot-em-ups I used to play when I was a kid. Thanks for this! Looking forward to the new release (FYI, I run the game on Linux, so it would be awesome if I could run the new one on Linux, too!).

Unknown said...

This game has been amazing. I've not yet played a shoot-em-up with 3D graphics, but this has showed me how much potential they have. I hope you eventually do finish this project.

Also, I'd put up a request on one of your old blog posts about Cannon ML in Actionscript 3. I've been trying to use it, but implementing it in my project has been quite difficult. Any help or insight into that would really be appreciated.

Good luck on future works!