Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion - wonderfl build flash online

The Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) now runs on ActionScript3.
The implementation is not so difficult because the ActionScript3 has various function to modify bitmap data. But the efficiency of SSAO strongly depends on the situation. It becomes the maximum when the scene has high-density and very complex objects.


Real time ambient occlusion on ActionScript3

Real time ambient occlusion - wonderfl build flash online

Move mouse to move camera and click to stop motion, Press z key to switch no/off ambient occlusion.

Low quality and low performance global illumination claculation on flash10.
I just create this as a "Proof of concept" for the gouraud shading based ambient occlusion. As the result, I think that its not a good method to calculate G.I. in dynamic (object moving) scene, but it possible to calculate approx. G.I. of static scene in a short time.