Cannon Macro Language version 0.2.0 released

Here is a new concept of a domain specifye langage to control shooting game sequences. You can try it here.



Adobe, MAKE SOME NOISE is a campaign site to bring a fine sound manipulation into Flash.
I admire the concept and strongly recommend the Wishlist for the Adobe Flash team.

A sound manupulation is one of weak points in Flash I think. A 'popforge' is very simple and easily-handled library and it brings me many good inspilations, but Im unhappy because its distributed under the GPL license (as you know, the GPL license is infectious). An 'FlMML' is a library to parse MML(Music Macro Language) but its only on PSG sound.
I hope to create a library to operate an FM sound module on Flash when the sound manipulation achieves the level I wish.


EngRish Games

EngRish Games

This is an English blog written by Japanese indie game creator 'Dong'. He is a sound creator of my work 'Invisible vision'. And he is the man who gives me the idea of 'TSS Clipboard player'.
As you see and listen, he is not only a great game creator but also the amazing sound creator. And needless to say, I love his works.

He plans to introduce many Japanese indie games in his blog.

Enjoy products made-in-Japan !!


ARCANACRA Google Gadget

Its just a test to paste the google gadget in my blog.

...Hmm, OK, now you can play the shooting game in the sidebar area of my blog.
If there are no changes with clicking and pressing [z] button, please refresh the page and retry.