Ambient Occlusion on ActionScript3

Ambient Occlusion Rendering - wonderfl build flash online

This is a Flash10 porting of AObench.
Mr.Syoyo the author of original "AObench" already ports it on Flash10 here, and he summarized that the Flash10 is 7 times slower than Proce55ing in this entry. But I beleave that there are not such a large difference between JavaVM and FlashPlayer10, because I am an ActionScript3 Coder!!
As the result of my Flash10 porting (with some optimizations), ...
Proce55ing version; 11.412[sec]
ActionScript3 version; 10.641[sec]

And now FlashPlayer10 renders it as same speed as Proce55ing does.
Dont be afraid to execute complex numarical calculations on ActionScript3 ;)


Anonymous said...

great, now if we could have something inbetween this and your "real time poc" in terms of quality...

keim said...

I agree. An SSAO is one of the solution in some situations I think, and now that is my next theme.