Nomltest mods !?

Im realy surprizing at this site. There is an extension package for my work Nomlest. Though I didnt release the information of Nomltest scripts format, he analyzed the scripts format and creates new enemies on Nomltest. ...wow, thats realy incredible.

Unfortunately the format of ".nts" file is different between old version Nomltest and Nomltest FS, and the package includes the file for old version. If you want to play the extension package on NomltestFS, overwrite the last 2 lines in "de-cendres-preview.nts" as below and drag-drop that file onto the nomltest_fs.exe.

system 50, 0

tune 275, 10, 36, 2, 160

If there are any requests to release the information of Nomltest scripts format, I can do it. But let me get this straight with you, its very poor and disgraceful format.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thought you might enjoy this. There's a score competition going on right now for your game Nomltest.



keim said...

Thanks for your information.
Wow, It's really interesting for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, some of the scores are very impressive. You should join the forum, there are already a lot of shmup developers on it.

keim said...

I just join the forum.
...So what should I do ?