ARCANACRA v0.4.3 Black Label

I just release ARCANACRA v0.4.3 Black Label.
This work is easier version of ARCANACRA v0.4.1. I think the v0.4.1 is bummer in terms of difficulty...

Changing points are mainly ...
-make it easier(especialy in stage5,6 and another mode)
-automatic tuning of game difficulty
-more items
-enable to continue
-player extend 200000pts every
-enable to stock maximum 5 bombers.
-enable to select all stages in replay mode
-enable to select another mode


And I also open the source code of ARCANACRA written in ActionScript3.
These files are distrbuted under BSD style license.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know if it is possible to make ARCANACRA a game that can be downloaded.

keim said...

Sorry, there are no downloadable version. You can make a stand alone version by compiling source, but I know its a tough way...

Anonymous said...

On some computers, using Internet Explorer, the game stops accepting keys at "Press Shot to Start". Can anything be done about this besides trying another browser?

keim said...

Thanks for your comment.
Umm... In my environment (WindowsXP), It works on IE6, FF2 and FF3. I will try another browsers.

Anonymous said...

i have the same problems as Iori Branford but it worked fine in mozilla firefox but recently even that wont work (the game screen doesnt show, its only the white background (XP s3)

Still i love youre games, nomltest is what got me back into shmups

TrevHead said...

on Mozilla Firefox its running fine now. It still wont run on IE as it doesnt show the menu (winxp sp3)
But at least i get to play this brilliant game, best flash game ive ever played! since most others are mouse controlled

I hope you bring out a new shmup or a update to this or nolmtest since they tottally rock

Anonymous said...

using mozilla firefox the game freezes when i get a highscore.
Every time the game asks for my name and a comment to put on the leaderboard if i enter the info and press accept the game freezes (i use x2 windowed mode) I have to reload the page and i lose my highscore (it doesnt get entered on the online table) and my replay of that run gets lost aswell.

Then only way to stop it from freezing is to select decline when it asks for your name. Atleast i get to keep my replay and the highscore stays locally.

Is there other browsers where this funtion works ok? Plus what does secret mean in the end of level tally?

Even with its flaws its a great game